Jessel is back on the payroll at Joel Conner’s after a light fall schedule. She is now old enough to be in full time work and so we have bumped her work up in preparation to move her back to Safe Harbor in the spring. Joel’s ranch has been a great place for Jessel to mature and learn how to be a “good citizen.” Joel has been able to turn her out with many different horses and she has had excellent and consistent handling with Joel as her primary caretaker. She’ll probably always be a little spitfire but she’s come a long way and will become a lovely partner for a confident smaller adult or teen rider.

We now are actively looking for Jessel’s perfect match. She has a ton of potential and is very athletic so she will need to go to a home with a very capable rider. Once space opens up at our property in Redmond, Jessel will make the move and continue her training here with us. We are excited to be offering such a nice horse for adoption! Please contact us with any questions at