Khianna and Jolene

Here is an update from Khianna’s volunteer trainer and rider Jolene. We are very proud of her progress:

Khianna is slowly transforming into a calm and confident horse. A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to use a tarp to assess Khianna’s progress. I expected a nervous, jumpy horse to react to the crunchy sound and be terrified of its size and appearance. I started by putting it on the ground to walk across. She surprised all of us in the arena that day by not even hesitating to walk onto a loud, bright blue tarp completely calm and unconcerned. Sometimes even more confident horses will give it a wary eye as they approach it. This is incredibly encouraging! Since she did so well, after a couple times across it, I decided to try putting it over her back. Again, she completely surprised me by not being concerned about it at all. She walked around with it touching her flanks, and dragging the ground, and flapping at her legs. Considering where she was several months ago, this progress is enough to get me a little emotional. She will continue to progress and impress everyone!