We have begun the process of evaluating and setting a training plan for our new horse King. He is currently started training with Jolene, one of our volunteer riders, and they are already making strides to a great partnership. Here is an update from Jolene about her experiences so far with King:

King came to us with some history. We were told that he had charged at someone and been aggressive. This is always a concern when we take in horses, as we have volunteers in their stalls every day. How was he going to handle this?

I started working with King after his initial quarantine was over. I learned some very important things right from the start. He didn’t show any aggressive behavior. What I did find was some behavior that could have appeared aggressive which came from his higher-than-normal fear response. He feared almost everything. Standing water, blue tarps covering gravel piles, horsemanship flags, sudden movement, being approached in a small space. This horse just never had the opportunity to learn that these things would not hurt him.

King is a riding prospect. He is going to make someone a great riding horse. But he will have a long road in preparation for that. SAFE has the ability to go slow prior to starting a horse under saddle. It is a luxury that sets our horses apart. Because of this luxury, they are content when the first ride comes, and they become incredibly comfortable with their surroundings and life.

King is going to be an awesome horse to work with and learn from. He has so much to offer. We look forward to sharing his progress.