We got this very exciting update from trainer Helga Roberts at Dutch Mills Farm who has been working with Charmeon. We are so lucky to have an amazing horse pro like Helga who is willing to donate her time to helping our horses! Char is making terrific progress — see for yourself!

Pretty Char!

Miss Char is doing very well and is quickly becoming a barn favorite. She is working in the arena, on the flat as well as over small jumps. Her steering is getting better every ride and her canter has come a very long way! She is very willing and seems to like the work…she is easy to catch and usually meets me at the gate when it is time to get to work! She has had a bath and although she didn’t love the water all over she never did anything naughty; she let me wash her mane and tail and even the bubbles all over her back wasn’t an issue!

I felt she was rather insecure under saddle when she first came, but that has totally changed. She is rather comfortable and is very secure in the decisions she wants to make in the arena!! If you let her, she will trot two fast laps each direction and be done! But when you let her know there is more, she is willing to go along with your idea, she picks up a canter easily (most days) and even though it is not the most beautiful canter, it is 3 beats and rather comfortable. She is good with other horses in the ring (this made her a bit nervous at first) and stands still by the mounting block. Her previous behavior of bolting is something we really haven’t seen here at all, she has a plain halter on and hasn’t needed a chain. She stands fairly well for the farrier and even with a loose horse flying by her she stood quietly on the end of the leadrope. All in all a great horse to work with, super self-secure and not herd bound at all!

I think that Char is certainly ready to be adopted out to someone who is looking for a nice girl like her. I think she can easily be handled by an intermediate rider and I believe will make anyone a nice horse.

Char and Helga