Orion has been at Silver Spade Ranch with Nick Donohue for just over a month. He has already made some great changes and is proving to be not just another pretty face. After arriving and completing his two-week quarantine, he has been introduced to the gelding herd of around 18–20 horses! (Side note: much RESPECT to this facility and their quarantine protocols. We LOVE this type of proactive responsible farm management!) All reports of his herd behavior have been stellar. He is come a LONG way from the testosterone-filled, untouchable stallion we met just a few months ago.

He has accepted a rider very politely and is currently working well in all three gaits. He needs some work maintaining his line and steering, especially in the lope but it is improving steadily each ride. Nick has even been able to have his working student ride this past week and Orion did quite well with a new rider. He needs some work on being bridled. All he does is try to get his head in the air to avoid it but they are working on getting him sorted out. It would make sense this is a tough spot seeing that when we picked him up you couldn’t get near his mouth due to the broken tooth and massive infection. He is just a little guarded about it, but with patience and consistency, this will improve.

Here is what Nick had to say about Orion’s personality: “He is coming along nicely and proving to be a nice quiet minded gelding. He is a smart and kind horse, he is going to make someone a nice mount!” Our plan is to visit him at the end of August and assess if he should come home then or stay another month. It is very important we lay a good foundation, especially since he is a late cut stallion. So far all indication are that he is going to make a great partner. He will be available for adoption once he returns from training. If you are interested in being considered to adopt him, please submit your applications now.

Here are some videos of Nick working with Orion. Enjoy!

4 weeks in training: