Little Poppy is hard at work in our horsemanship program, learning all sorts of new tricks. Because she has likely never been saddled before, we are putting her through all the paces with that as our first major goal, but we are working on other aspects of a well-rounded horse’s education as well. In the below video, Terry works Poppy as though she is tied (she is NOT tied, I want to reiterate over and over again to assure you, we would never tie a horse to panels), moving her hind back and forth and having her change eyes on both Terry and the flag. This is great preparation for actually tying Poppy, as it teaches her how to move her feet if she gets bothered while tied, that moving laterally is the correct response, not pulling back. Terry also handles her feet while she is “tied,” and Poppy is a very good girl about giving all four of them willingly.