Veronica has a mane nearly as long as she is tall, with a forelock that practically tickles her nostrils. On hot days, she loves to splash in her water trough, both front feet fully in and pawing, giving herself a two-for-one pedicure and face wash. She loves a good roll (the length and severity of which corresponds directly to how clean she was just beforehand), and playing around with her friends (she has become quite the boss of little Frosting).

She is also coming along, slowly but surely, under saddle. From that initial saddling where she was practically climbing into the rafters, to those first fractious rides, Veronica has always been one we expected to be a bit more challenging to bring along. And while it will likely be a while still before she is ready to hit the trails, she has really transformed into a soft little riding horse, these days in the round pen out in the big arena.

Check out one of her more recent rides below: