Sienna, Sienna, Sienna! This sweet mare remains a bit of an enigma to us. On the ground she is the model for so many things, but under saddle she remains tight. She does stay with you longer before checking out, and she is able to be talked off a ledge easier than she once was, both good changes. But we are also not always trying to talk her out of it — that trouble that exists within her still needs to be brought to the surface, and it does her no favors to keep that buried within her.

Sienna still needs a ton of groundwork and rope work before her rides. Rides in the outdoor arena, like the one shown below, come after a great deal of preparation beforehand. She is still heavy on the forehand, especially when tracking to the right. That spot, her heaviness on the forehand, is what causes her to buck. Until she really sets back on her hind and gets that weight off her front, the buck will still be in there, so a lot of work is being done to help her set back. You can see the tightness that remains in her tail, something that will remain until she really sets back and gets free.

But Sienna has made some really great changes, and we are excited to keep helping free her up so she can make someone a safe, lovely riding horse.