Sophie is just reaching about 40 rides this week in her training with Joel Conner. We were all very excited when Joel surprised us and brought Sophie over to ride in the clinic here at Safe Harbor. She looked AMAZING and while he explained about her “baby stuff” that he was helping her work out, from a spectators point a view, he has this mare looking great!

While Joel said we could most likely manage to ride her here at home since she had completed the first 30 days with no real major issues, we asked if he can keep her for the full 90 days of training. These first rides are very important in the foundation work and knowing that Sophie has a ton of athletic ability and a very bright future, it is important we set her up with the best possible start to a great future.

There are many many times that I have heard Joel talking about SAFE and our program and to be honest I often get goose bumps when he explains to people attending the clinics about the work we are all doing. It is inspiring how he “gets it”, understands our mission, the work and our core values. I was very impressed when I heard him talk about Sophie. He was explaining our adoption policies and the importance of finding forever homes for the horse. Understanding that none of the horses deserved what happened to them, now that they are here at SAFE they should be adopted to homes that will be 100% committed to them for the future.

It is very excited for us to be working with someone like Joel who is both a gifted horseman but also has so much heart for horses. He wants to see the horses in well matched forever homes. Joel really likes Sophie and sees the potential in this young mare, he also knows that she ended up in a bad situation in her past and now deserves a wonderful future. She is a very special horse and she will have a great future because of SAFE and Joel’s work.

Checking in with Joel this week as she returned to work at his facility in Ellensburg he said: “She is doing great!  Just learning more and more everyday.  Working more on the collection trying not to do to much as too get her mouthy.” We are all excited to see what a great horse she becomes and seeing her as she finished out her 90 days of training at the first of the year.