After a relatively uneventful first ride here at SAFE, Violet has been going well under saddle for the past few months. She had been started in her youth, but because a good deal of time had passed and we knew little about what that start looked like, we took things nice and slow. Aside from some initial general misunderstandings (“what do you mean I have a hindquarters?”), and an overall lack of forward impulsion, Violet did not prove herself to be particularly troubled.

Lexee N, who took Violet on as a project from day 1, has also been the one to continue her education under saddle after those initial rides with Joel. The two of them have made great strides in helping Violet understand the ways in which she can move her body freely, and those early day “issues” Violet had are shrinking each time they work together.

Here is what Lexee has to say about Violet:

Violet has been very impressive in her progression. Everyday she improves, and she is learning more and more that freedom in her feet not only feels good but also keeps her out of trouble. It’s actually getting tough to just have her walk around the rail, she’s really feeling forward and wanting to go. We’ve also explored the lope in the saddle. She’s a horse for whom balance makes a difference, and as she’s gets more and more balanced, you do see a noticeable differences in her strides. We just started working in the bridle and things seem to be going well. We are working in a loose rein and keeping light in our bending and continuing to get her freer at moving her hindquarters over.”

Here’s a video of one of Violet’s recent rides: