Trish Markey feels that horses are a daily passion that brings joy, accomplishment, and accountability. She was introduced to Joel Conner in 2018 and started participating in his horsemanship clinics at SAFE with her gelding Sampson. After learning more about SAFE, she began volunteering with SAFE’s Alumni Program and working on Heart of the Horse. Trish worked in the medical field her whole life and has been very active with nonprofit work for more than twenty years. She’s held leading roles for a number of high profile local gala events, including Woodland Park Zoo’s Jungle Party, the Seattle Aquarium’s Splash Gala, and Virginia Mason’s Dreambuilders Ball. She’s also served on Boards and Development committees for the Seattle Aquarium, Benaroya Research Institute, and the Virginia Mason Foundation. As a member of SAFE’s Board of Directors, Trish would like to help the Board grow its ability to raise money and build strong donor relationships. She would also like to achieve greater communications between SAFE and the board.