From Daisy’s loving foster mom Shellie: 

Daisy is doing wonderfully! She had a hoof trim on April 1, which went very well, not sore afterward, no boots needed! She’s shedding like a mad-woman with a beautiful caramel coat now starting to peak out on her shoulders. Working on leading her and Laurence together inside the paddocks to prepare for getting them out to the pastures (what a couple of drama-queens). 

She’s holding her weight well finishing a solid 6–8 lbs/day of Triple Crown Senior plus Alfalfa leaves. I’ve been experimenting with adding different Alfalfa hay chops (easy to eat) — the Haystack mix with molasses, and two others from Rocking E — one with molasses and one without, that are partially fermented ‘for ease of digestion.’ These are both moist, so easier for Daisy to eat. Daisy and Laurence both seem to like these.”

Thank you, Shellie, for your continued amazing care of this very special girl!