Update from Phoenix’s new adopter:

So, here is the first of what will be MANY updates :)

After Jaime and I got him settled in his new paddock yesterday I left and got his grain and put together packages for the boarding facility to feed him. When I came back, he was still out grazing so I took him out of the paddock and let him hand graze for about 30 minutes and then we walked the fenceline of his new pasture so he could meet the “herd”. They were all very nice to him, nickering and a lot of “getting to know you” sniffs — I think he is going to be fine with them.

When I took him into the stall, he was a little nervous so I stayed with him in the stall while he ate and we watched the sun go down together ‑and THAT is priceless!!!!

I love him to death, and will see him everyday. I will definitely send lots of photos so everyone can have a “Phoenix fix”

Thanks SAFE for helping me to find the pony of my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!