We are increasing Cameo’s hand walking to 15 minutes 2 times a day this week and so far so good. She is off all medication and is stable. She remains in good spirits and is relaxed for her hand walks and light massages. She loves her fan we set up outside her stall and she spends time with her mane flowing in the wind which is very cute to watch. It is truly amazing that this mare who had little to no trust of humans when she arrived at SAFE is now so trusting. Yesterday after her walk, I cleaned her stall and added some new shavings. While I was finishing she laid down on the fresh bed and let me sit beside her and pet her forehead. I would never believe this was the same mare who was so afraid of everything and everyone around her. What an amazing transformation and wonderful mare!

Last week we had Dr Finn come to work with Cameo. She brought her thermal image camera to help find the area that was causing Cameo’s discomfort in the left hind. The images showed no extremely hot areas which was a great relief. There were some warm lines along her left hamstring that coincided with some strong reactions we had had during the first days when we lightly touched this area. Dr Finn was able to do some chiropractic and acupressure releases to help relax and speed up Cameo’s recovery. We are very thankful for Dr Finn’s time and donation of the thermal imaging camera shots.