Teddi has been in our rehab paddock for over six months. We do not see her limp at a walk and are still hopeful that time may heal her pastern joint.
Right now, we are now considering Adequan to improve her long term soundness. Adequan is a supplement which has been shown to improve joint health through inflammatory reduction and joint fluid/cartilage improvement. While her pastern already has significant disease, this will be helpful for the other joints in her body that are helping to absorb the strain. Adequan is recommended to be given as a booster series every 6 months (7 injections every 4 days) in the muscle. The series of seven injections are $330. Teddi is also given Equioxx, an anti-inflammatory everyday to maintain her comfort.
She looks forward each morning to her carrot stuffed with pain medication and is attached to her stall and turnout neighbor, Kayla, an 11 year old Thoroughbred mare.