Valentine, Sophia and Tilt!

Tilt and Valentine are adopted together! We are happy when we find a home for one horse, but when we get to send off two together, destined to be BFF, that makes us ecstatic! Tilt (now Korra) and Valentine (now Callie) headed to their home with Sophia last month and the two both rolled 10 times when they were first arrived. We think that is a great horse stamp of approval! The property is amazing and they have plans to expand the horse area this spring.

Sophia originally came to SAFE looking for a horse last year. She had plans to adopt our sweet Amelia and a pony friend, Boone. Sadly, Amelia passed away days before she was scheduled to leave for Sophia’s. Like all of is, Sophia was devastated, and needed some time to heal. We are grateful she came back to SAFE to find another horse from us and fell in love with Tilt and Valentine. Now they get to enjoy the good life with Sophia and we could not be happier for them.



Tilt after a grooming session

Valentine enjoying a snooze in the sun