Vida comforts Rosie after a rough day

Unfortunately we are going to have to retire Vida as a riding horse. Off and on since we got her, she has had a slight lameness in her front right hoof. It would come and go but recently it was enough for us to call Dr. Fleck to come take a look. He discovered in the x‑rays that she has a very old medial lateral collateral injury. Generally these are not something you can see on just an x‑ray and in their acute phase require an MRI to diagnose. However her injury is so old and has caused damage for so long that we can see the problem at the attachment point. Due to the years and extended amount of time that this injury has gone untreated, Dr. Fleck did not think it is something we can successfully rehab. So she has been added to our list of available companion horses, and her adoption fee has been set at $300.

Vida is very happy and comfortable as a companion. She enjoys the company of other mares and geldings. She is the leader of her turnout herd and all the other horses look to her for comfort and direction. She is usually easy to handle only having trouble in stressful situations like a vet visit. She ground ties for grooming and is good to trailer and adjust to new places. We are optimistic that a loving home will accept her for what she can offer and give her love and a family to call her own!