Kat has made a wonderful transformation since her return back to Safe Harbor earlier this year. She was pretty skinny when she came back so the first thing was to get her healthy. Melinda, our Herd Health Manager, set up a refeeding plan to increase her calories. We also tested her for Cushings which luckily came back negative. It took a few months for her to look like her old self but soon her coat was shinning and she was ready to saddle.

It didn’t take long to restart her but we made sure to take it slow. She hadn’t been worked in about 4 years so we did a lot of walking and softly bending to get her strength and flexibility back. We took her on nice easy trail walks and worked on her anxieties outside. By the 3rd trail ride she was a very happy camper and while she still prefers to be up front leading the way, her patience and relaxation has improved.

Here is a little video of our work with her at SAFE. She is ready now to be adopted and will make a lovely companion and riding partner.