This past Saturday, our volunteers braved the cold to attend a Horse Health class, taught by former SAFE staff member Melinda Couvillion. It was a terrific presentation, and the volunteers who attended learned some very interesting facts about horses (did you know horses can’t throw up?) They even got to watch video of a horse be prepped for surgery at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital. Sienna, as always, was a stellar demo horse.
We are extraordinarily grateful to Melinda for being so dedicated to SAFE and sharing her knowledge with us. She makes SAFE people smarter, and it’s a great comfort knowing that we can call her when faced with baffling equine health issues, of which there are many.
Our volunteer education series continues in April with a presentation by the lead Animal Control officer at Pierce County Animal Control. It’s one of many benefits that come from being a volunteer at SAFE.
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