Erica is a SAFE volunteer who rides Kat on a regular basis. She had this to say about her work with Kat:

I have now been riding Kat since December, and the most notable points for me have been her willingness to work, and her demeanor.

Kat hasn’t ever seemed particularly cuddly, but what I have noticed is that she is happy when we’re working. She likes to trot, and it feels like she really wants to move, even though we still restrict her from cantering with me riding. We’ve gotten to a point where her trot is quite forward, and she really powers herself well from the hind end. While lunging, she likes to canter, and seems to trip less and less.

Her demeanor really is positive while working, too. She responds well to positive reinforcement, and I notice her licking and snorting more and more! After working, she always looks forward to doing “carrot stretches,” and never pins her ears for that!

I truly enjoy working with Kat, and I feel like Terry is working extra hard with me and Kat, retraining us both! My sincere thanks to Terry and SAFE for giving me this opportunity to work with Kat and all the other horses!