Report Animal Cruelty

If you witness animal neglect or cruelty, horses running loose, or abandoned horses, you need to contact your county’s Animal Control division. SAFE does not have the authority to seize animals from private individuals and cannot assist you in cases like these.

In order to effectively report a situation of neglect or animal cruelty to the authorities, you will need to have the following:

  1. Personal knowledge and first-hand observation of the situation — in other words, the situation must be reported by someone who has seen it themselves, first hand.
  2. An exact address for the location in which the abuse is taking place.
  3. Recent photos (preferably date and time stamped) may also be helpful. But do not trespass or illegally enter a property in order to obtain photos!

If you are unsure as to whether or not abuse or neglect is taking place, call and request that a welfare check be conducted. If you are concerned about repercussions or retaliation for reporting abuse, most counties will protect your information or allow an anonymous complaint to be filed.

Here are some phone numbers to call to report animal cruelty and neglect:

Snohomish County WA

File an online complaint describing the situation you have witnessed at

or call the Snohomish County Animal Services Hot Line at 425-388-3440.

King County WA

Call Regional Animal Services of King County at 206-296-PETS (7387)

Pierce County WA

Call Pierce County Animal Control at 253-798-PETS (7387)

Whatcom County WA

Call the Whatcom County Humane Society’s Animal Control Office at (360) 733-2080, EXT # 3017. Or email Animal Control at

Skagit County WA

Contact Officer Emily Diaz at (360)428-3211