Introducing SAFE’s newest addition: Bliss! 

Bliss came to us from Port Orchard after a member of her owner’s family dispersed a group of 20 horses from his property in Sequim. There was a question as to whether or not Bliss was pregnant (she is not), and though he’d had horses in the past, her owner was not feeling capable of being able to take adequate care of her.

She is a truly lovely mare, both inside and out. Bliss, estimated to be in her teens (we will get a more concrete idea at her dental visit), is blind — or at least, vision impaired to an advanced degree. Our vet will give us a more conclusive idea of if she can detect light / shadows after a comprehensive vision check. But despite her impairment, she gets around quite well, and has yet to have any problems finding the boundaries of her paddock or entering her shelter (she found the hay just fine!)

She is gentle and able to be caught (a little uncertain, but comes around with a bit of patience). She loaded on and off the trailer with ease, and upon arrival, stood for some light grooming and her intake measurements like an old pro. The rain rot on Bliss’s back, her skinny frame, and her overgrown hooves are just a few examples of the ways in which she is in need of some TLC, but we already have the wheels in motion to help her be the healthiest, happiest version of herself.