This handsome little fella is another new addition to the SAFE family. Believe it or not, he’s already pending adoption!

Boone is an 18 year old strawberry roan mini horse. He’s one of a group of four mini horses that were seized by animal control in March 2020. SAFE didn’t have space for new horses at that time, but we were able to line up a great adopter who took them all in. As they got healthy and stronger, it soon became obvious that four mini horses were more than their adopter could manage (especially at feeding time!!), so once again SAFE was asked to help. We were able to facilitate an adoption for one of the mini mares, and we took Boone into our rescued herd last week.

Boone doesn’t play well with other minis, so he’s best suited to be a companion for a bigger horse. And if all goes well, he and one of the SAFE horses will be headed off to a great new home together! That’s all we’re going to say at the moment, but fingers crossed we’ll have some more good news to share very soon.