It may or may not be a secret but I LOVE this little mare SO much! She has grown into the cutest little quarter horse mare. She looks like a little miniature version of Finn and we all love his nice hindquarters! We recently brought both Jewel and Stella in from foster for a little training. One of the goals is to see how well Jewel does in work with her crooked front leg. 

Sydney is volunteering for her senior project and Jewel has become one of her training horses for the next 3 weeks. So far they have worked on remembering some of the light groundwork we had did with Jewel before she left Safe Harbor last fall to go into foster. Sydney reports that Jewel is doing well with the desensitization to the flag, as well as lunging and maintaining a bending circle. Sydney has even tried a light saddle on her back to help her get used to having tack on and the noises that a saddle makes. 

Jewel is a sensitive mare but she has quite a tough outer layer. She has a slight stubbornness to her but she is also very interested in being with you and interested in what you are asking. It will be neat to see how she progresses over the next few weeks and if she is able to stay sound for the work. We sure hope this little mare can be a riding horse, she has so much personality to offer!