As springtime runs full tilt toward summer and equestrians everywhere are more active with their horses, it’s a great time to re-visit and refresh your first aid kits (both horse and human). We have 2 equine first aid kits here at SAFE: one that is easily accessible in the barn, and one in the horse trailer ready to travel. There are countless variations of these kits that horse owners find work well for their specific needs. Here’s what’s in ours:

- White cling gauze 3” (4)
— Brown gauze 6” (2)
— Abdominal (ABD) Pad 5” x 9” (2)
— Elastic tape (such as Elastikon®) 4” (2)
— Combine leg wrap
— Nitrile exam gloves
— 4” x 4” gauze sponges
— Flexible cohesive bandage (such as VetRap®) 4” (4)
— Non-adherent dressing (such as Telfa®) (4)
— Triple antibiotic ointment
— Bandage scissors
— Chlorhexidine (Nolvasan®) scrub
— Chlorhexidine solution
— Betadine
— Sterile saline for irrigating wounds
— Thermometer
— Stethoscope
— 60ml catheter tip syringe
— Banamine paste
— Bute paste
— Sterile eye wash
— Diaper
— Hoof pick
— Duct tape
— Hemostat
— Tweezers

Most of these items can be purchased online, or at the drug store or your local feed store. Medications like Banamine and bute need to purchased through, and used as directed by, your veterinarian. Every horse owner should be familiar with equine first aid. Join us at our upcoming horse health expo here at SAFE on July 22nd to listen to Dr. Hannah Mueller of Cedarbrook Veterinary Care talk about the basics (more info to come)!