From Amy:

I’m currently Whisper’s foster mom and here’s a quick update. She’s doing very well. Healthy, curious, and friendly. Very level-headed and just sensitive enough. I find her very easy to train. She was a bit pushy when she arrived a month or so ago, but is quickly becoming a well-behaved lady. She knows to give me room when I bring the food and she doesn’t apporach until I give the ok/all-clear. She leads much nicer, just occassionally needs a reminder about my space. She walks, trots, and backs well on the lead, and does nice turns on the haunches and fore. She’s doing well with plastic bags shaken all around her, and when asked for the first time to walk across a tarp tonight she didn’t hesitate. With the right guidance and training, I think she’ll make a great kids horse one day. Next weekend I’ll try to get some updated video and photos. She’s a gem, and should bond nicely with the person who steps up to give her a permanent home.