Yesterday Laura brought Whisper a beautiful new heavyweight Weatherbeata blanket for Whisper. Last night when Hannah was out to check in on her, we took off the canvas blanket and the blanket Hannah had loaned her and put the new blanket on over her pretty plaid blanket (also donated by Laura). We didn’t do up the leg straps on the top blanket because the bottom blanket hung a little lower and I really didn’t think she needed them as she wasn’t lying down (or at least I didn’t think she was). Imagine my surprise when she greeted me as usual with her head over the stall door with a whinny this morning, but wearing only her bottom blanket. Her brand new blankie was in a neat pile in the middle of the stall. It was completely intact and unharmed, belly straps and chest buckles still in place. She also appears completely fine. I was able to get it back on her and this time put the leg straps on, so hopefully this will be the last of the Houdini tricks.

I am sad to think of her struggling to get out of it, but also VERY encouraged by the fact that she obviously was down and was strong enough to get herself out of the blanket and back up again! I think she’s doing well!