Our little girl definitely has some opinions about things. She would like her food NOW and she would like to get out of the stall NOW and yes I will just push you over if you are in my way. She’s really quite cute with how pushy she is…she is obviously gaining her strength back quickly and its wonderful to see.

Little Whisper had a bit of a fever today, and a little bit of snotty nose and a goopy eye. Hopefully its just a little viral thing with being in such compromised condition she is succeptible to, we will keep an eye on her and make sure it doesn’t get worse. However, she continues to be very bright and happy to see us and LOVES her food.

I wanted to clarify that I originally posted misinformation — the owner of the horses did call a vet out for Whisper but put the other three horses in the neighbor’s pasture and told the vet they were not hers when asked about them.