Whisper update, but its not a very good one. :( When Valerie, Hannah and Lisa got Whisper up last night, she had hit her head against the wall during her struggles and took a big chunk out of the inside of her mouth. Then while getting her up she swung her head and smacked Valerie right in the bridge of her nose pretty badly, and also smacked Hannah in the back of the head. Everybody’s ok, but the new sling system wasn’t quite as seamless as we had hoped. Overnight she was down three times — the most yet — she just doesn’t want to stay on her feet anymore. The good news is Hannah was able to get her up by herself two of those times. We are now talking about using the other sling and leaving her in it for a while, if for no other reason but to give us all a break and some sleep.

The other concern is her heart rate has continued to go up and is hovering around 72 right now. We still don’t know why — as this is even after she is up and appears calm. I think Hannah is going to confer with Pilchuck today about possible causes.

This has been such an emotional up and down with her…right now things don’t look so positive. :(