Whisper was down again yesterday evening..not sure yet how she did overnight. Unfortunately, I threw my back out badly and am lying on the couch in misery after a very restless night. It’s my turn to do night watch tonight, but not sure how much help I am going to be.

Equinevet — I know that cardiac myopathy is one thing that is being discussed with Pilchuck right now. We are running some extra labwork today to see if that could be the problem.

I don’t think at this time we have any reason to believe it is neurological. This filly simply just has no muscle, nothing at all, so therefore no ability to lift herself.

She has been on probiotics since the very beginning. She’s also on Echinacea, and we just started giving her red cell, Biosponge for the loose manure, and we were donated a very expensive herbal formula from Peru, by a company owned by Olivia Newton John’s husband. Yes, I’ve been told Whisper even has celebrities pulling for her! So she just has to make it. You can read about the product here: http://www.amazonherb.net/ProductInfo.aspx?ItemID=4629. I don’t know much about herbal therapies, but Dr. Hannah looked over the ingredient list and approved it. At the very least it cannot hurt, this poor little girl needs all the help she can get.

I have not heard anything on whether or not charges are going to be filed, just that the case is “under review”. Perhaps msclarkee can shed some insight on that, or provide us with a contact to whom we can politely apply pressure to pursue the case. It is very important that this is not dropped. We have already proven that animal cruelty cases can be won successfully — in fact in both cases there were guilty pleas and no trial necessary. This case should be as cut and dry.

From Lisa:

Whisper went down at about 8:00pm last night. Valerie came over and sat in the stall with me until Dr Hannah could get here. Dr Hannah, Dr Brad and Daphne got here and got her up at about 9pm. Poor Whisper was very nervous and wanted to get up but still lacks the strength to do it on her own, and she is getting harder to hold down while getting everything ready to hoist her up. Dr Hannah spent the night here again last night, hopefully Daphne or Jaime can take an overnight shift tonight so Dr Hannah can go home. I have to admit this is getting quite tiring — emotionally exhausting! Today Dr Hannah will be drawing more blood for some more tests, it will take a few days to get these results. Laura Clarke came by and visited Whisper yesterday and brought her an apple which Whisper loved. I do believe this little filly knows we are all trying so hard to help her.

From Laura:

Oh no..this case is not going to be dropped! CSO Davis is diligently gathering the final statements from witnesses, Officers on scene, folks that are willing to testify on the condition of the horses when the gal received them, etc. The pictures alone are very graphic, even without a narrative. This is a very STRONG case, and will soon be sent to Snohomish County Prosecutors. We are just making sure that all the T’s are crossed, and I’s dotted — because we can’t let Whisper, Sky and Rose down.