From Monica:

I was grooming our sweet Whisper tonight and she is really filling out in her body and I am actually going to be cutting her food back. She has shoulder muscles forming and a nice round rear, and a bit of a belly, too. She has changed so much in just this last week, since Komo 4 was out here. She is shedding out and becoming this glossy coated beauty. I sticked her and she has grown a good 1 1/2 this last week. Whisper is blossoming and really getting quite pretty. She has some black points coming out in her grulla and pinto coat. I wish I didn’t have my foal coming this year because I am falling for her and would love to have her as my trail pal…but I need her like a hole in my head and she deserves a person that has fewer horses competing for attention. Honestly, she is one of the easiest, least spooky horses I have ever worked with. She will make anyone look like a super horseman/trainer. Can you tell how proud of her I am? She is truly a special girl…I am so happy you all fought so hard to keep her alive, so I can have this special time with her. I am a better person for knowing Whisper.