From Monica, Whisper’s foster mom:

Whisper had her first worming, first turn out into a paddock, her feet done and now a bath, too.

I was nervous about the worming and did not know what to expect, but she didn’t have any problems at all. I honestly had never seen so many varieties of dead worms in a pile of horse manure before, it was pretty icky.

I had a friend come by to see her and asked me if there was a dead animal in the stall with her, I had to break the news to her that it was Whisper that smelled so stinky. I actually nicknamed her, Stinky. The weather warmed up and with the aid of six heaters, three coolers and Anti bacterial shampoo. I took this on without the help of anyone else, but she was a perfect angel and loved having her body scrubbed with the warm soapy water. So, she is officially not a stinky horse. YIPPEE!!!

She loves to buck and play in her paddock located off of her stall. She has been jogging in and out consistently and today, I saw her lope a couple of strides. It is great to see her energy level increasing daily.

And photos, doesn’t she look great???