Hello Whisper fans, my name is Monica Carlile and I am Whispers foster mom. I’m sorry I was not savvy on this site, but now I am up and running and will do daily Whisper updates.
First and foremost, she is doing great! She is so sweet and appreciative of anything I do to or with her. She loved her bath! As a matter of fact I was washing back under her tail and teet area and thought she was going to cow kick me but then I realized she was lifting her hind leg up and out, so I could get in to scrub her under there. I finally read all of this blog and Whisper just has a tremendous amount of fur on her face, it is not big compared to her body. She is actually put together pretty well, just very small for her breed and age. She is about the size of my yearling Arabian. I love how big and bright her eye is getting…they used to be so hooded looking. She is full of energy and is bucking and playing in her paddock daily. She has even thrown her tail up over her back trying to be all hotsy totsy. She is a total delight to be around. Whomever adopts her will end up with an amazing horse with a ton of heart and soul. I will keep up on photos now that I know she has a fan club.