Whisper got promoted into a 15 turn out in the large paddock today. We are limiting her turn out until her strength increases. In the attached video she shows her joy with a buck and a lope across the paddock. She is quite impressed with herself…she is such a hot to trot girl.
I washed her legs and hind end again today, since those are worst areas covered in mud fever. The scabs are falling off easily now and new, shiny hair growth is coming in.
She is turning into a food snob, deciding she no longer cares for grass or alfalfa hay and instead prefers timothy hay. The princess gets what the princess wants.
Last night I turned the clippers on to see what she thought of that…clearly she did not like clippers, but she let me trim a bit of the goat hair off of the underside of her jawline.
She is blossoming into quite a beauty.
While she is improving daily she continues to have an elevated heart rate and only time will tell if she has permanent heart damage. Regardless, I don’t think there is anything that will hold her back in life. She is a tough girl.
She sends her best to all of you and special thanks to all whom have sent well wishes her way.