From Monica:
Whisper wanted me to send a note out to her people, oh yes-she has people. She is doing well and getting more energy by the day. I am looking for some ideas about hay…she is picky. Some days I worry she isn’t eating enough hay. For awhile she appeared to not want anything but there was lots of extra when I got home. HMMMM… otherwise she devours her mashes, and grain. Should I start her on Alfalfa pellets???
Beyond her hay issues she is gaining weight, her manure looks great and her attitude is fabulous. She always greets her turn-out with a buck and a toss of her head. She is not a spooky horse and is very willing learner. She loves kisses on her nose and is being so good about letting me treat her ears and other scabby areas. She has some very stubborn scabs on her legs, but they are improving and do not appear to be sensitive.
She still breaks out in random sweats, which I believe may be when her heart rate increases, although I don’t see the rapid breathing with it, so she could just be getting a bit warm under her blankie.
I have moved her to a stall with a 36x36 turn out. Previously she was in a 12x36 paddock. I turn her out for 15 minutes in a 30x72 paddock, but she still wants to play and run too much . I don’t want her heart to get too rapid and her muscles are still weak-she came this far, I don’t want her to have any set backs.
She loves to have visitors! I will do a video tomorrow to show her progress. All best, Monica and Whisper.