It was a sad day for me yesterday, as Bonnie and I hauled Whisper to her new foster home in Duvall. However, she’s healthy, and just needs a nice place to grow up and hang out and because she is so sweet and easy to handle she was the logical choice for our new foster home. I have to warn people, there is something about this little filly you can’t help but love. She’s a pushy little thing, but so sweet and friendly and full of life. She’s going to do great at her new foster home, where she will be a companion to a huge draft cross gelding who already adores her.

Here are some photos we took just before we moved her. Is she amazingly beautiful or what??? Almost all shedded out, and almost…dare I say it..chubby? It amazes me when I look at her to think of the pathetic scrawny thing she was just a few months ago. She has made a truly amazing recovery, literally from death’s door.

At my farm, before we left, and at her new foster home