Recently we asked our volunteers if they had a favorite among the SAFE horses, and if so, what it is that they love about them? The answers we received gave such wonderful insight into who our horses are and what they mean to us, so we wanted to share these words. After all, who knows these horses better than the people who care for them each and every day?

Renee is a picture of the Quarter Horse breed and really lets you know when she has a connection with you, She’s responsive and alert: but more than anything she’s gentle and compassionate. There was a moment with the two of us where my mental health was cracking and I was having a really hard time focusing on my lesson: but she was ever patient and attentive, allowing me to try time and time again: Always at the ready for another try. Even when I eventually gave up because I was too unsettled, she sweetly stood and didn’t get worked up at all. She’s eager to please and lively but is simultaneously sound as a bell and understanding.”

by Mariah