SAFE horsemanship volunteer Kaya works with Angel from time to time, and had this to say about our favorite old gal:

Angel is a super special horse. As our friendship has grown, she continues to surprise and impress me. Her ability to immediately find the best way to escape pressure is uncanny and makes my job really easy! Today we went directly into the covered arena instead of working at liberty in the round pen first. I was a little anxious about this, as the big arena adds another level to Angel’s already heightened nervousness. I had just finished working Renee, Angel’s best friend, so I decided to leave her tied to help Angel feel more comfortable. This worked well and, while at first Angel was distracted by Renee, she eventually really locked in with me. A lot of what Angel and I work on is not so much regular groundwork, but sharing time and space and helping her to feel comfortable around me. She loves to be scratched right behind her withers and goes into almost a trance, positioning herself with her shoulder right against me. It absolutely melts my heart when this frightened horse allows me to spend time loving on her like this!