Lexee N, who has been spending time working with Cramer, had the following to say about her time with him:

Cramer is such a Handsome Man & is Making Progress! 

How can you not fall in love with that face? Cramer is a very sweet gentle giant and working with him has been an extreme pleasure.

I don’t often work with a sensitive horse like Cramer and I will not lie, it’s a big change for myself. He shows you how little you need to do to affect his movement and it’s quite incredible to have him learn how to feel for you and understand pressure in a way he hasn’t before. I’ve also been able to work with the rope and flag a lot more and am getting better at petting and working with each. Which is a plus for both him and me!

Changing eyes is arguably Cramer’s biggest issue. He would much rather me be on his left side at all times, and as he follows me around, he always puts me on his left. I’ve been just trying to have him adjust himself by backing up and putting myself in positions he is comfortable with me in, so as he approaches me hopefully he can do it from either eye. The other day we were so close, he at least brought his face straight with me instead of veering past me so I’m on his left only. And I will continue to try this so hopefully he won’t always try to block me as I go from one side to the other.

I’m hoping to start taking Cramer out to his grass turn out and practice leading so hopefully we can get ready to move him around the property and eventually to a new paddock. Big things are coming for this smart boy and I’m so excited!