The horses at Safe Harbor wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful volunteers who came out last Saturday to the fall work party!  They love all the hard work you did to make their home ready for the winter.

All of the horses know that your work cleaning the grounds, moving mats, pressure washing and adding gravel to the stalls are really hard work.  Little Jewel wanted you all to know that when the rain hits this fall and she is standing in a dry stall she is going to think of your kindness.  Maggie and Miah also love the new pea gravel in their runs.  They said it’s a lot softer on their hooves and laying down isn’t so bad either.

For the field clearing team who painstakingly tackled the back corner pasture, you ROCK!  Not only did you make the sun shine in on our dark corner, you took the time to look for any nasty weeds that we needed to pull up carefully by hand and discard off the property.  The horses can see light through the trees now and grass will be planted to grow for what will be a wonderful turnout next summer.  Everything looks so clean and polished from the front entry weeding, a new retaining wall, a new hotwire in the runs and solid fencing and posts.  It’s fantastic!

All these and so many other tasks were completed with smiles and a great sense of community.  And, none of this could have happened without you!  The SAFE horses are grateful for your help and asked that you come out to visit soon so they can give you hugs and knickers and kisses!  They promise not to put you back to work…at least until the spring season.  Thank you all so much!
Special thanks to Patti Gable for donating the Pizza Lunch!!