A big thank you to volunteer Lara B for riding Zan at the SAFE show. They made a lovely pair! Here’s Lara’s report on her weekend with Zan:

When we entered the dressage ring on Saturday, I’d only ridden Zan a handful of times. I found her to be an uncomplicated and confident mare, eager to work and game for almost anything. During her time at SAFE, she has had an extensive education, and she responds to subtle cues. She was a star in our Training‑3 ride, scoring a 67% and a second place ribbon. Zanadu is definitely a mare (somewhat opinionated and not always cuddly), but she’ll give every request her all. She likes to think about each task at hand, which made her feel and act like a true partner. She was a pleasure to work with in every class, from dressage to trail, and by the end of the weekend, I was sold. Zan will make someone an excellent all-around horse, and I hope they come to claim her soon.

Here are some gorgeous photos of Zanadu and Lara at the SAFE Show! Thank you to Liz Stabbert Photography for these great shots!!

More photos of Zanadu at the SAFE show taken by Karen Wegehenkel can be viewed online here!