Zan’s thread just does not reflect what a little gem she is. 

It’s been a dark icky winter so far and I have not been as motivated, as I should be, but the weather was crappy in the mountains and I was up early this morning (and bailed on riding last night) so I figured I’d try and get a few rides in today. 

Zan is simply a pleasure to be around. She’s a very good girl on the ground… easy to catch and handle. Good with her feet, blanket, fine with being sprayed (showsheen for her tail) and so on. She’s also fine in a stall and seems to get along fine with the other horses on the property. She is very easy to tack up- no issues with the saddle (she would prefer the girth go a little at a time but isn’t nippy or kicky about it) or bridle.

She is very forward at the trot, but not naughty. I did get a small kick-out each direction at the canter. Not in a balky way, just more of a “woohoo!” I think. She’s just not very complicated to ride. 

I’m hoping maybe to do some schooling shows on her, if she lasts that long. She is just ready to go and I think the first person who comes to look at her will take her home.