I liked Zan so much I called the trainer to see if she’d come down and give me a lesson today. 

While Zan was a bit of a nut on the lunge line yesterday (bucking and racing around before settling in) today she gave me a quiet, rythmic trot instead. I’ve been told this normal for her- she needs to be lunged if she has more than one day off- but otherwise it’s fine to just jump right on her. 

Andrea gave me the rundown of what they had been working on with her (encouraging a slower, more rhythmic, trot) how to get a nice canter depart (no kicking out today at all), how to push her steering buttons, how to keep her from curling behind the vertical and some work on better walk/trot transitions (up and down). 

My background is not dressage (and, a lot has changed even in the 10 or so years I took off rom riding) so I still feel a little like a pig on rollerskates but such an interesting process.