Zan and I rode last night, despite the wind. I decided to lunge her first to see how she felt with the wind whipping and let her adjust to the sound the arena roof makes with a big gust (it even made me jump the first few times I heard it!). 

She gave a few bucks on the lungeline but seemed to have her wits about her so I hopped on. At first she was on her toes a bit and kept trotting faster and faster (and breaking into canter). I figured this was as good at time as any to work on our transitions. We did lots of walk/halt/walk/trot/walk/trot/walk/halt in both directions. When she felt like she was listening we did a couple of trot/canter transitions in each direction. The right is easy, the left requires more work. To be fair, I think it’s me not asking quite right. She’s very sensitive to leg so I’m trying to get with the program of asking with my seat, while not losing my leg, without giving her a “bump” (which is my natural inclination). When I get it right- she just steps right into the canter- it’s just figuring out how to recreate that feeling reliably that’s the challenge!