Zelly was #13 in the organizational system we used for the Graham 27 when they first arrived at SAFE, but now, less than a year later, she is #1 in her adopter’s hearts. That’s right, this sweet appaloosa girl has been adopted!

Zelly’s people came to SAFE looking for a companion for their gelding, Mojo, who had recently lost his mare. It had been a few months since we’d retired Zelly from ridden work, and we had her living full time with Henry, another Graham horse. The two got along famously, and so when we heard about a gelding seeking mare, Zelly was our first pick.

Plus, on the human side of things, Zelly is a very easy horse to fall in love with. She has a kind disposition, enjoys being brushed, and is a model citizen for the vet and farrier — she really checks all the boxes. After a few visits at SAFE with Zelly, her new family set a date to bring her home.

And what a sweet homecoming it was! Mojo, Zelly’s new brother, had been living at a boarding barn preceding the arrival of his new friend. He had just arrived home earlier that day, and was having a difficult time adjusting, running around and calling for a friend. But as soon as he laid eyes on Zelly, everything changed. He immediately settled, and could not take his eyes off her. She was exactly what the doctor ordered!

Later, when put in side-by-side stalls, they were able to touch noses for the first time, and not even a squeak passed between them! Some matches are just meant to be, and this was certainly one of them.

On the day Zelly’s 30-day trial period was up, her new family contacted us to say the following: “We love her and want to keep her for life!” This is truly a fairy tale ending for Zelly, and we could not be happier she and Mojo (and their shared humans!) all found one another.