Everybody wants a horse they can ride. I say that any horse that would permit a human to sit on him has a serious lack of dignity. I say if humans want to go around in circles, they are fully capable of doing so under their own power. I had to do some righteous bucking before the humans at SAFE got the message, but they don’t try to sit on me anymore. Which is good for my dignity. But it leaves me with a lot of free time, so I’ve decided to try blogging.

My name is Honeycutt and I am the best of all the SAFE horses. That is why you always see my handsome face on their stuff. Someday I will show you their stuff so you can see for yourselves. But today I want to tell you what they did to me last Friday.

I live on a nice farm with my foster mom and my two friends Jay and Chance. We all get along great so long as my foster mom doesn’t do anything scary like make sudden movements or try to touch my face without permission. I have her pretty well trained. On Friday, some new ladies showed up at the farm. At first it was just like when the guy comes to scrape my feet; moms got my face harness on and invited me inside the barn. But then one of the new ladies bit me! or gave me a shot, and then I got really sleepy. Pretty soon I didn’t care if anyone touched my face without permission. My mouth got opened and there was a huge buzzing sound coming from inside my head and …a power drill…I distinctly remember seeing a power drill. Next thing I knew I was standing out in the sunshine! I let out a loud whinny to let everyone know I was okay, and then I went back to sleep for a while. While I was sleepy, moms thought it would be really funny to take pictures of me. She laughed and laughed. I don’t see what was so funny.

The new lady said I had a really good mouth. I’m not surprised. Most parts of me are very good. She also said I was fat. She’s gone now. 

I need to take a nap. Goodbye for now.