If you follow Honeycutt’s blog, you know that he shares a lot of secrets about horses and their interactions. Today’s update on Chip comes straight from the horse’s mouth…

horses_mouth_iconToday I am thinking a lot about friends. I have two good friends who are Jay and Chance. Jay has been my friend for many, many years, and Chance is a newer friend of mine. When you see us you will know that we are friends because we might be trying to bite each other on the face, or we might be standing near each other taking a nap in the sun. Friends are very important for horses, which is why Chip is living with us now. Chip is a SAFE horse who was a stallion, which is a kind of horse that is used to make more horses. Chip is not a stallion anymore, but when he was, he did not get to have friends and play outside very much. Now that Chip is a SAFE horse, he gets to learn how to be a regular horse, and it’s up to me and Jay and Chance to teach him.

Jay and Chance are not very nice to Chance some of the times — they make mean faces and chase him away when he comes by to say hello. This makes Chip very anxious and when Chip is anxious, he trots around and around with his head sticking straight out and his little ears pinned flat. Mom doesn’t want Chip to be anxious so Jay and Chance have to stay in their own area, and now me and Chip are together in our own area.

Friends, pt 1

Friends, pt 1

I have to try hard to be nice to Chip, but he’s kind of weird and tells crazy stories that I don’t believe about his old life when he was a stallion. But I know that Chip needs a friend, so I try to be that for him as much as I can. Mom was so happy when she came out of her little house yesterday and saw us like this in our little houses————->

In the before times, we would both stand in our houses but on opposite sides. Being on the same side is a big step, apparently. Also it doesn’t take much to make Mom happy.

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