Lucky is going beautifully under saddle! He has strengthened over his top line and built up a good amount of muscle over his back. He is holding a nice self carriage and has an easy walk, trot, and canter. Lucky is ready to show First Level dressage this year and and with the right rider could begin schooling Second Level movements. He still needs some strengthening to hold himself through the trot canter transitions but other than that he is ready.

Lucky has been maintaining a great weight on his low bulk diet— he’s filled out and has a nice shiny coat. He has been colic free since going on the low bulk diet and we are all very happy this is working out! He is more than ready for his forever home. The perfect home for Lucky would be one where he could live outside and graze all day long, all year round. He would need to continue to be fed grains in order to maintain his weight. Our vet has told us that we can try adding hay back into his diet at some point, but for right now we are holding off since his current diet is working so well!