When one of SAFE’s Board of Directors puts in an adoption application, we know it’s going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the lucky horse! Barbara came to SAFE to volunteer as a chore volunteer and quickly shared her gifts as a powerhouse organizer and fundraiser. She told our Volunteer Manager, Jane, in her orientation interview that she had all the horses she needed so she would NOT be adopting a horse from SAFE in the future. Much to all of our surprise, Barbara fell madly in love with Ruger…and where there is a will, there is a way!

We had such a big outpouring of interest from the reining community when we first brought Ruger into SAFE but that dried up when people realized he could not be the riding horse they were looking for. Luckily Barbara sees her relationship with horses in a much different light. For her the horse always comes first and their happiness and comfort is number one priority. She is very content with long walks in the park and loving the companionship of this gentle soul. It was not just a perfect match for Ruger but the life and respect he so much deserves for the remainder of his years.

To say we are overjoyed at this adoption is a major understatement. This is the stuff real love and kindness is all about. Ruger not only has a new life but a lovely new name “Koa”. Barbara said: “It means strength and courage in Hawaiian. Which is something this dear boy has sure showed us.” We couldn’t be more hopeful for Koa’s new life and are happy to announce he has made his way home to a very loving family and friends!

Thank you Jessica Farren for taking these lovely photos of Barbara and Koa!