Honeycutt NationAfter eating many hays, I have had time to think about the rescue that I will be making. I’m not so good with words, so maybe rescue is the wrong word. I can really only actually give hays and tasty, tasty grain to the two horses who live with me — and Jay and Chance really don’t need to be rescued. Also I think they get more hays and more tasty, tasty grain than I do because Mom says I’m too fat and they are not fat enough. It’s true that they are not as round as I am, but that’s because they are Thoroughbreds and not because they need to be rescued. It takes a lot more food to make them round, but I still don’t think they need to eat my hays and grains.

But if rescue is the wrong word, which is the right word? We could call it a Trust, but I don’t trust every peoples. Mom suggested Foundation. The Honeycutt Nation Foundation? Horses really don’t care for rhyming, did you know that? Most horses won’t admit that, but it’s true.

What I want to do is raise moneys to give to the SAFE horses so that they have all the nice things that I have: a little house, hays and tasty grain, a blanket for winter…and even the not-so-nice-but-still-important things like feet scraping, shots, and power drills in the mouth.

It’s called the Honeycutt Nation Fund.

Peoples can join the Honeycutt Nation by making an automatic monthly donation of ten dollars, or even twenty five dollars or even more dollars! When we worked together to buy PLY Woods, we raised more than 1000 dollars in just a few days! So we have a thing called a goal. The goal is to raise $1000 every month to sponsor two SAFE horses. So far we have four peoples in the Honeycutt Nation and together they send $50 every month! $50 is very very good but with more peoples joining, we can send $1000 to SAFE every month so that two of the SAFE horses have all the nice things that I have. They will be OUR two horses, and we can decide together which ones we want to help.

I am very excited to have a porpoise like the Honeycutt Nation Fund. To join us, just click on this thing called a link which is hiding under these words!

Here are the members of the Honeycutt Nation:
Leslianne Carbary
Chelsey Braswell
Marcie Gwiazdon
(and mom)
Anita Freeze
NEW MEMBER: Valerie Vaughn!
NEW MEMBER: Jeannette Parrett!